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Through Radiology

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Radiology Across Borders is an Australian charity which focuses on teaching key clinical skills to radiologists, doctors and medical imaging staff around the world to ensure health professionals have the knowledge and training to save their patients’ lives.

Our projects aim to drive sustainable change, assisting clinicians to become more competent in both fundamental and cutting-edge skills and to share their expanding knowledge with their peers locally.

We connect clinicians from all over the world to train doctors in radiology to save lives.

Our Mission
Our Vision

Radiology Across Borders (RAB), founded in Australia, is a global charity that provides education and programs in radiology to save lives in developing nations. We believe that if you have the ability to save a life, you have the responsibility to do so.

We focus on education and sharing knowledge that doctors in developing nation simply don’t have access to.

Lives are saved when we visit and every day thereafter. Knowledge and skills are passed on locally and have an exponential affect.

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