Abdominal Imaging Programme

2022 Conference


Over the last 10 years, the charity has delivered many on-site lecture series in developing nations throughout the Indo Pacific region with abdominal imaging forming a core component of this teaching.

Although ultrasound, plain x-ray and CT have formed the core of this teaching, more of our recipient nations are acquiring MRI and thus there has been a more recent emphasis on providing basic MRI teaching as well.
Due to COVID 19, on-site training is not an option presently and thus the one-day intensive Virtual Abdominal Conference was delivered instead.

The Abdominal Virtual Conference is aimed at all radiologists in developing nations, particularly those who have an interest in abdominal imaging, in addition to those technicians in developing nations who have an interest in this speciality.

This was the second year we were forced to run the program online. 

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Radiology Across Borders

Radiology Across Borders educates and trains local clinicians in developing nations to use the power of radiology to save lives. 

“As a global charity, diversity and inclusivity are fundamental to the work of Radiology Across Borders . Our volunteers from around the globe bring their diverse backgrounds together to share their knowledge, skills and experience to uplift other clinicians who also come from many different cultures, genders, racial backgrounds, sexual orientations and religions . Together we unite in our vision to provide quality support to healthcare providers and patients to the best of our ability. 

Radiology Across Borders functions and thrives wholeheartedly under the pillars of diversity, inclusivity and respect for all."

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