Free RABitt - Vascular CT (Non-Trauma)

Presenter Wilbur Wong: Radiographer at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital

Wilbur Wong

Wilbur is a radiographer at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital. He graduated from QUT and has worked in both private and public sectors. Wilbur has had a great deal of exposure to multiple trauma departments, and has consequently learnt many different techniques in order to approach the variety of challenges thrown at him and his team.

He particularly enjoys the hospital setting as it allows you to demonstrate your adaptability and resourcefulness as a radiographer. His goal as a radiographer is to understand why techniques are performed the way they are and better collaborate with other colleagues to improve image quality.

Learning outcomes:

  • Learn the main factors that influence CT angiogram enhancement.
  • Common scan techniques for non-traumatic angiogram scans
  • Adapting scan timing and phases based on certain pathology such as aortic dissections and aneurysms.

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Event Date 18-04-2024 7:00 pm
Speaker Wilbur Wong

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