Lecture Series 1 -


Dr David Mitchell


  • Dr Greg Briggs
  • Dr Jim Mullany

Dr David Mitchell (Gold Coast), who had travelled to Cambodia last year on his own to provide lectures, used his existing contacts to facilitate a collaboration between Radiology Across Borders and the Cambodian Association of Radiology this year. Dr Greg Briggs (Sydney) and Dr Jim Mullany (Melbourne) joined him in Cambodia to deliver lectures and workshops to 80 clinicians as part of the Cambodian Association of Radiology conference.

The Cambodian participants were very proactive in making this lecture series a reality. In particular, we like to thank Dr Chandy Chea, Dr Sandy Oeng and Dr Sovann Vathana Lay for organising a highly professional event.

With most participants being fluent in English, the RAB speakers did not require interpreters and covered a broad range of topics. If you are interested, you can access the full program here. In addition, they provided hands-on ultrasound workshops covering shoulder, knee, other M/S and obstetric scanning as well as viewbox tutorial.

Radiology Across Borders is planning to return next year.

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