Diagnostic Imaging Pathways (DIP)

Radiology Across Borders Is delighted to be partnering with Diagnostic Imaging Pathways (DIP). DIP is an online suite of evidence-based and consensus-based imaging guidelines and an educational tool, developed in Western Australia with the aim guiding the appropriate choice of diagnostic imaging in clinical situations. It has established itself as a excellent portal for clinical decision making in radiology and we are delighted to be able to make this resource available to all our recipient nations through the RAB platform as well.

Diagnostic Imaging Pathways

Diagnostic Imaging Pathways

What is DIP? 

DIP is a free online educational tool aimed at guiding the appropriate choice of diagnostic imaging in clinical situations and is ideal for referrers, radiologists, imaging technologists and medical students. Regularly reviewed and updated, the guidelines are based on clinical scenarios categorised according to organ system and use a flow-chart and algorithmic format.

  • Contains teaching points with easy-to-read key messages
  • Information on imaging modalities, common procedures, radiation and more for health professionals and patients
  • Developed in Western Australia by Professor Richard Mendelson and Dr Ravinder Dhillon.

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