In the early 1990’s, a small group of medical imaging specialists, working in public hospitals in Western Australia, aware of the prevalence of inappropriate requests for diagnostic imaging, produced a booklet entitled Diagnostic Imaging Pathways (DIP) containing referral guidelines mainly for hospital clinicians in all specialties.

In the ensuing 27 years, the paper-based resource expanded in breadth and depth to become a very substantial online publication that was continuously reviewed, revised and expanded. It became accredited at the highest international standards, endorsed by national and international entities, and was utilised by a large world-wide community of healthcare professionals and patients.

On 12 April 2022, the Government of Western Australia through the Health Department of Western Australia (HDWA) assigned the intellectual property amassed in DIP, to Radiology Across Borders (RAB), a global charity which originated and is based in Australia. DIP now is supported by RAB and supplements RAB’s resources and activities in delivering educational resources and programmes to a worldwide community of healthcare providers and their patients.