Management of Conflict of Interest

Management of Conflict of Interest

A register of Conflict of Interest Disclosure Forms is maintained and is available on request. The Editor and Research Fellow access the register prior to sending materials out for review and development, and avoid involving individuals who have declared a conflict of interest.

Where a Chair is determined to have a ‘Relevant’ Conflict of Interest that may bias the development or review of a pathway, a Deputy Chair with no ‘Relevant’ Conflict of Interest will be appointed.

The pathways and recommendations are reviewed iteratively by several contributors from medical imaging and clinical specialities, and are approved by an Editorial Panel comprising subspecialty imaging specialists. The pathways and recommendations are the product of the consensus opinion of up to a dozen individuals based on published evidence and recognised best-practice. This process mitigates the risk of any conflict of interest, disclosed or undisclosed, from biasing the development and final approval of recommendations.


Date Reviewed: June 2017

Date of Next Review: June 2019