Lecture Series 4: -


Local delegate


Dr Jim Mullany


  • Dr Jim Mullany (Ballarat, Victoria)
  • Dr Peter Staub (New Zealand)
  • Dr Greg Briggs (Sydney, New South Wales)
  • Dr Roger Bain (Gold Coast, Queensland)

Four keen eminent Radiologists undertook the fourth lecture series in Fiji, based at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital in Suva.

Over the three days each Radiologist in turn delivered a morning lecture, followed by five tutorials spread over the day. The audience was mixed though principally comprised of 9 Radiology Registrars with a few Surgical and Emergency Medicine Trainees.

The lectures were all polished presentations, which although basic, were of educational value to all present including the visiting faculty.

    • Jim delivered a general talk on Breast Screening and Breast Cancer, including diagnosis with Mammography, Ultrasound and MRI;
    • Roger delivered a precise talk on Trauma CT, principally of the head, with great examples of classic intracranial bleeds of all varieties;
    • Greg delivered a talk on radiological signs and patterns of chest disease, packed with “gems” some of which came from his book on Chest Radiology (published by Macaw Hill). Greg also had the quote of the day "If the radiologist is excited by the films the patient should be worried";
    • Peter delivered a talk on the undervalued topic of stress fractures, which was a real revelation with many examples of undiagnosed persisting bone pain examined.

The Colonial War Memorial Hospital has approximately 250 beds and is not unlike other large centres in the Pacific Region. Adjacent to this Hospital is the Suva Medical School, set in a picturesque rolling hill tropical setting. The Imaging Department principally has general imaging equipment, CT and a new MRI. Most reporting is done using hard copy images, with many corridors of films.

The Radiology Registrars do not seem to have formal structure to their tutorials, with self-directed learning the order of the day. All attendees were most appreciative of our teaching efforts and certainly gave us a warm welcome with Fijian hospitality.

After completing another successful lecture series I left to head back to freezing Ballarat, Greg was heading for a few days holiday, Roger was off to do some local diving and Peter was reuniting with his yacht moored near Nadi, which he had sailed from New Zealand to Fiji and was intending to spend the winter with his wife sailing around the Islands. You know, some guys really do it tough!

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