Lecture Series 6 -


Dr John Pereira


  • Dr John Pereira
  • Dr Luke Baker
  • Dr Parveen Sidhu
  • Dr Glenn McNally

The 2015 Fiji lecture series was conducted over two days in Nov. Three radiologists and one Ob/Gyn attended, John Pereira, Luke Baker, Parveen Sidhu and Glenn McNally.

The first day consisted of a series of formal lectures encompassing, paediatric film interpretation, radiation dose exposure and minimisation, Breast Imaging, Interventional Radiology, Abdominal Imaging, and First trimester and acute obstetric ultrasound.

The second day comprised of small group tutorials on the same categories as the lectures, practical sessions  in Obstetrics and ultrasound guided interventions. The day ended with a presentation of interesting cases by Paula and the registrars, particularly those from the peripheral hospitals.

The presenters were warmly received and hosted by the members of the Imaging department, headed by Dr Paula Bavou. It was a very enjoyable trip and all team members were keen to return.

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