RAB in 2019

To all our magnificent, committed Volunteers.

Thank you for your support and passion during 2019.

We have achieved a lot and made a real difference. The video presented here hopefully captures the essence of what we achieved in 2019 and how we have done this with your support and the collaboration with all our partner organisations.

As we always say at RAB:

"Together we can make a difference"


Kind regards
Suresh de Silva on behalf of the board of RAB




Siemens Healthineers is a leading provider of healthcare products and services in Australia and New Zealand and a proud sponsor of Radiology Across Borders.

Siemens acknowledges the important work of RAB as a not-for-profit organisation that brings together like-minded Radiologists and other Allied Health professionals who are committed to improving the quality of healthcare in both Diagnostic Radiology and Interventional Radiology, with the ultimate aim of improving standards of care across nations and borders.

One of the most important ways that RAB can make a difference is by training local doctors in developing nations. Siemens supports RAB to be able to expand its reach in the region.

I-MED Radiology Network

I-MED Radiology Network

I-MED Radiology Network is Australia’s largest medical imaging clinic network offering all scans and radiology services including X-ray, PET, CT, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound, Mammography and Interventional Procedures. Across Australia the I-MED Radiology Network operates 200 clinics covering all major metropolitan areas and significant parts of rural and regional Australia . Each year more than 4.2 million patient procedures are performed by  their network of 250 Radiologists and 3,000 allied health and support professionals – offering the highest standards of patient care, expertise, equipment and technology.

I-MED is committed to supporting the community and using radiology to save lives in Australia and throughout the Asia Pacific. Through our partnership we will collaborate in the delivery of many of our key projects. Thank you to I-MED for realising the significance of the work of RAB and particularly to their CEO Mr Steven Rubic for making this partnership a reality.

The Australasian Sonographers Association (ASA)

The Australasian Sonographers Association (ASA)

The Australasian Sonographers Association (ASA) is the peak body and leading voice for sonographers in Australasia and leads the profession in delivering excellence in sonography to the community.

The need for an association that exclusively represents sonographers remains high and the ASA have been representing and advocating for sonographers for over 26 years. With over 6,000 members, the ASA represents more than 70% of accredited sonographers across Australia and New Zealand.

Advocating for the role of sonographers in the healthcare system and ensuring sonographers are known as the experts in ultrasound across the community are key roles for the association, as well as promoting patient access to safe and quality medical diagnostic ultrasound, best practice in medical sonography and providing sonographer education and research.

The ASA strives to advance health and advance education within the sonography field and this extends to also supporting our neighbouring less developed nations. We are proud to be the project sponsors for Radiology Across Borders’ (RAB) VITAL project, which supports sonographers in providing vital hands-on ultrasound education for our neighbours, with the aim of training them so that they can provide the much needed ultrasound services to improve health outcomes.

RAB Project Partners

Integral Diagnostics

Project: Curriculum Project

Integral Diagnostics

Integral Diagnostics will provide both financial and technical assistance to the curriculum project as a project sponsor of this key project.

Health Care Imaging Services

Project: RABinar and Imaging Technologists’ (RABits) Programs and RAB Library

Health Care Imaging Services

HIS and QDI will provide financial and professional assistance for the RABinar and Imaging Technologists’ programs and RAB Library.

Supporters/Professional Collaborations

Radiology Across Borders

Radiology Across Borders trains local doctors in developing nations to use the power of radiology to save lives.

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