Lecture Series 1 -


Dr Victor Mansberg


  • Dr Victor Mansberg (Melbourne, Victoria)
  • Dr Suresh de Silva (Sydney, New South Wales)
  • Dr Patrick Luckey (Sydney, New South Wales)
  • Mr Don Kelly (Sydney, New South Wales)

After month of planning, the RAB team traveled to Port Moresby General Hospital (29 November - 1 December) to undertake the inaugural Lecture Series in Papua New Guinea.

3 Radiologists, 1 Radiology Registrar, 2 Mammographers and 8 Radiographers keenly attended the lectures and structured tutorials over our two- day intensive schedule.

A diverse range of material was presented covering a broad range of topics including Body Imaging (abdominal tumours and biliary disease), Breast Imaging (including screening and management pathways) and General X-Ray (focused on the thorax and appendicular skeleton).

Port Moresby General Hospital is the only public hospital in PNG servicing a population of 7 million. The Radiology department has 3 ultrasound machines, a single slice CT, an analogue mammography unit and a combination of "wet film" processing and CR for general imaging. The department in the near future will transition to a modern CT, supported by a department-wide PACS system. As such, the lectures and tutorials delivered attempted to focus on the educational needs relevant to these service developments.

Whilst on-site our Administrator, Don Kelly, performed an interactive needs assessment in liaison with the Director of Radiology and with select staff of the Radiology Department.  Our aim was to produce a report that would identify where RAB resources could be focused to provide meaningful assistance to the department in the future, through continued education and training, peer support, procurement and management and clinical consultancy.

The Port Moresby General Hospital was built by the Japanese in WW2 and provides medical and surgical services to the bulk of the population with a varied mix of tropical medicine. The visit inspired and further motivated the attending RAB team. The local staff showed a high level of enthusiasm and a hunger for learning. Lecture Series 2 is planned for mid 2014 and volunteers are welcome to express and interest to attend.

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