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The Functional Imaging Program at BC Cancer

Current State and Future Directions

Presenter: Dr. Don Wilson,
Date Presented: 12-10-2019

Traumatic Diaphragmatic Injuries: Emergency Radiology Perspective

Presenter: Dr. Waleed Abdellatif
Date Presented: 11-10-2019

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Management in 2019

Why do we need radiology more than ever

Presenter: Dr. Brian Bressler
Date Presented: 10-10-2019

Cardiac CT for Structural Heart Disease Interventions – A 2019 Update

Presenter: Dr. Philipp Blanke
Date Presented: 27-11-2019

Biliary Emergencies: Not So Simple

Presenter: Dr. Jorge Soto
Date Presented: 22-01-2020

11 Practical Steps for Effective Time Management in a Distracted World

Presenter: Dr. Arman Rahmim
Date Presented: 22-01-2020

Imaging of Horner’s Syndrome

Presenter: Dr. Farahna Sabiq
Date Presented: 09-10-2019

Update on Mesenteric Ischemia

Presenter: Dr. Iain Kirkpatrick
Date Presented: 09-10-2019

Obstetrical Ultrasound Update

Presenter: Dr. Denise Pugash, Clinical Professor, UBC Radiology
Date Presented: 22-11-2019

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