Free RABinar - Industrial lung disease - Imaging Findings

Presenter - Professor Catherine Jones: - Specialist cardiothoracic radiologist with a current focus on occupational lung disease and the silicosis epidemic, and is an executive member of the Australia and New Zealand Society of Thoracic Radiology

Professor Catherine Jones

Professor Catherine Jones has been an I-MED Consultant Radiologist since 2011, initially in our Hobart campus and transferring to the Queensland team in 2017. She graduated from a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and physics at the University of Queensland in 1997, and subsequently from medical school at the University of Queensland in 2001, before undertaking surgical and radiological training in the UK. She then completed a sub-specialty radiology fellowship in Vancouver Canada, in cardiothoracic radiology before returning to Australia in 2011. She has fellowship qualifications in both Australia and the UK.

Professor Jones practises general radiology with a strong interest in cardiothoracic imaging, including occupational lung disease imaging, particularly in dust-exposed workers. She advises several governments and clinical taskforces on appropriate imaging in dust disease and is Associate Professor at the School of Public and Preventive Health at Monash University.

Catherine obtained her B Reader qualification from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) from the United States, part of the CDC network. This qualification recognises her ability in thoracic radiology in the setting of pneumoconiosis detection. The importance of pneumoconiosis surveillance, not just in the coal mining industry but in affiliated industry such as the building and civil engineering sectors, is becoming increasingly recognised.

She is also adjunct professor at the University of Sydney, curating content for medical students and clinicians. She works with medical AI companies to develop clinically useful AI tools for medical imaging interpretation, workflow, and education of doctors and other healthcare professionals. She has a long career in medical research, having published over 30 research articles, primarily in the fields of cardiac and thoracic imaging, and in developing statistical methodology in diagnostic testing, publishing several book chapters on these topics. She has also enjoyed a long-term collaborative relationship with Imperial College London.

Learning Outcomes

  1. To review the radiology findings in patients with lung disease related to asbestos and silica exposure
  2. To understand the role of asbestos and dust exposure in development of lung cancer
  3. To review the differentiating features of occupational lung disease compared to other interstitial lung conditions

Event Properties

Event Date 24-07-2024 7:00 pm
Speaker Professor Catherine Jones