Lecture Series 1 - July-17/18-2016


Dr Suresh de Silva


  • Dr Michael Curley
  • Dr Glyn Llewellyn-Jones

On Friday, 17 June 2016, a Radiology Across Borders team consisting of Dr Suresh de Silva, Dr Michael Curley and Dr Glyn Llewellyn-Jones flew into Port Vila, Vanuatu to complete the inaugural lecture and tutorial series.

ort Vila central hospital is the main hospital of Vanuatu with around 200 beds. The radiology department consists simply of general x-ray rooms (DR system) and ultrasound. There is currently no CT in Vanuatu although there is a plan to install one when the radiology trainee returns after completing his training in Papua New Guinea.

The attendees of the lecture series were the future doctors of Vanuatu. There are approximately 16 junior doctors who completed medical school in China, Cuba and Fiji and have returned to manage the health of a country with a population of approximately 250,000 people. They were motivated and engaged during all sessions. Lectures were followed up with group tutorial and case-based teaching focusing on plain x-rays and basics of CT.

Overall the trip was highly successful with good feedback and obvious improvement in the doctors' radiological interpretation of x-rays over the course of the tutorials. The junior doctors were keen for RAB to return next year and will also participate in the monthly teleconferences.

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