Lecture Series 1 -


Dr Greg Briggs


  • Dr David Mitchell
  • Dr Rupinder Sekhon

Dr Greg Briggs (Sydney) took the lead in organising the first trip to Vietnam and was joined by Dr David Mitchell (Gold Coast) and Dr Rupinder Sekhon (Perth) in Hanoi.

They delivered lectures to up to 80 attendees covering a broad range of topics, including:

  • Virus-associated malignancies
  • Abdominal cases
  • Thoracicemergencies
  • MRI of liver tumours
  • Ovarian masses
  • Pulmonary oedema
  • Prenatal testing.

The participating clincians were a mix of junior and senior radiologists and other clinicians and mainly non-English speaking. This brought its own challenges, as a dedicated local doctor, Dr Cuong, took over the translation of the lectures, aided by comments of the local coordinator Professor Hoang Dinh Au. We like to thank both of them for their support. Radiology Across Borders will look into professional interpreting services for future visits.

Outside the lectures, the RAB team enjoyed the warm hospitality and visited the Ninh Binh province 100 kilometers away. The head radiologist from Ninh Binh's main public hospital invited Radiology Across Borders to come next year to provide lectures. Overall, the Radiology Across Borders team had a fantastic experience and the program was greatly appreciated by the local clinicians.

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